Film evenings

Tuesday, March 10 | 8 pm
Filmevening with Gunter Deller

Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden

A camera is his constant companion on his daily walks through urban landscapes. Gunter Deller collects, orders and transforms these finds into “filmic crystals” and creates his own poetic universe, shaped by the tradition of experimental film and the aesthetic of analog film material. As such it can happen that something glints and flickers deceptively out of building pits or the new ECB building in Frankfurt, snack stands and telephone boxes appear in underwater landscapes, a skydiver lands in Frankfurt city center or a first love ignites in a rear courtyard.

Gunter Deller graduated from the University of the Arts Offenbach specializing in film (under Prof. Helmut Herbst and Urs Breitenstein) and photography (Clemens Mitscher). His final-year project “Schattengrenze” (1999) was awarded the Hessischer Hochschulfilmpreis (Hessen university film prize). He co-manages the Mal Seh’n cinema in Frankfurt/Main and curates programs there particularly focusing on “experimental film”

“Eisgrub” (2004, 16 mm, 8 min), “Im Blumengarten” (1999, 16 mm), “Schattengrenze” (1999, 16 mm, 2 min), “Light my fire” (2013, DCP, 9:30 min), “Örtliche Betäubung” (2006/07, 35 mm, 8 min), “Fragile Fossile” (2014, DCP, 12 min)

In addition, eight video art works inspired by paintings and sculptures held at the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden (Albertinum / Galerie Alte Meister / Galerie Neue Meister) created for the exhibition “Curvature of Events” (Curator Meskerem Assegued, all 2014, DCP, with sound) will be shown:

“Battlefields” (3:30 min), “Bits & Bytes” (3:30 min), “C+M+B=X” (4 min), “Contact High”
(4 min), “Counterpart” (4 min), “Killer Instinct” (5:30 min), “Une Partie de Campagne” (3:30 min), “Winterjune” (5:30 min), Total running time approx. 81 min

Tickets: 6 €, concessions: 5 €

Monday, March 16 | 8 pm
Film evening with Michel Klöfkorn

Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden

Michel Klöfkorn has made a name for himself primarily through the production of music videos. He has worked for Sensorma “Star escalator” (1998), Jan Delay “Vergiftet” (2001), created a video campaign for the anti-globalization movement attac to accompany the song “Alles auf Anfang” (2011) by Wir sind Helden. He also works as an animator and
illustrator for French TV channel arte in Paris.

Klöfkorn looks for novel and unusual ways of illustrating music and in doing so he has developed a keen eye for the small details of everyday life. In his works the filmmaker explores the technical world, but also current political topics such as sustainability and the daily inundation with information.

„kasbegi“ (2013, 2:20 min), „zeitraffer“ (2012, 3:10 min), „taube“ (2 min), „n.n.“ (2009, 9 min), „flüssiges papier“ (2010, 3:30 min), „gewobenes papier“ (2014, 6 min), „echtzeit (mit o. husain)“ (1995, 2:30 min, teenage version), „starescalator (mit o. husain)“ (1998, 3 min), „ampelsitzen“ (2007, 1 min),
„sinfonie des überflusses“ (2004–2007, 13:30 min): 1. „das elend der angestellten“, 2. „3.48 €“, 3. „geht´s noch“, „where the rabbit sleeps“ (mit a. berger) (2001, 4 min), „ich fahre mir dem fahrrad in einer halben stunde an den rand der atmosphäre“ (2011, 10 min)

Tickets: 6 €, concessions 5 €

In April
Film evening with Romuald Karmakar

Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden

Apart from the format used say for movies, or for short films, director Romuald Karmakar (born in Wiesbaden) and often opts for documentation as his chosen genre. Typically his own interest as an Ethnographer in his home country, as he describes himself, is in social, historical and cultural topics. Precise observation is key in Karmakar’s documentaries. He captures events with only slight movement of the camera, and conveys the scenes in long cuts. This neutral approach permits an individual interpretation of what is shown.

The film evening in the Calgari FilmBühne allows for an interesting insight into the diverse work of Romuald Karmakar.

Tickets: 6 €, concessions 5 

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