Friday on my mind

The series “Friday on mind” will take place on four Friday evenings from January to April for the duration of the exibition. Consisting of a comprehensive programme, they will include special tours, talks, performances and a concert. All of these will be supported by experts and various artists of the exhibition. Drinks and snacks during these nights will be provided by the Cafébar im Kunstverein (when held at the Frankfurter Kunstverein).

Friday, January 30
Frankfurter Kunstverein

5 pm | Special guided tour Sculpture
with artists Khaled Barakeh, Johanna Kintner, Emilia Neumann, Simon Speiser, Lilian Engelmann (Curator Frankfurter Kunstverein) und Michael Schumacher (Architekturbüro Schneider+Schumacher)

This tour will introduce four artists from the exhibition, each of whom works with sculpture in a different way and to different ends. The artists' and curator's point of view will be complemented by the expert view of Michael Schumacher on the topics of material and space.

from 7 pm | Talk “About photography”

with artists Florian Albrecht-Schoeck, Christiane Feser, Helena Schlichting, Stefan Stark and Franziska Nori (Director Frankfurter Kunstverein)

The talk will illuminate four contemporary positions on photography, all of which are present in the exhibition.

from 8.45 pm | Filmscreening and talk “Places in Portrait”

with artists Bianca Baldi, Gunter Deller, Andrew de Freitas and Anita Beckers (Gallery Director with focus on video art)

This small film series will feature further films of the artists of the exhibition. The artists themselves will be present and will, provide further informations on their work.
The talk will partially be held in english.

from 10 pm | Performance „No Man is an Island“ by Vytautas Jurevicius

Made up out of multiple parts, this performance by lithuanian artist Vytautas Jurevicius consists of a series of interventions. Central to these is the interaction between people from a variety of backgrounds and the blurring of reality with the staging of the performance. The work thematises rituals of human interaction. The performance will take place at both Kunstverein locations and, by means of small spatial changes, invites the viewer to analyse their own patterns of perceptions.

Tickets: 6 € (plus admission), 4 € for members

Friday, February 20
Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden

5 pm | Special Tour: Space
with Elke Gruhn (Director Nassauischer Kunstverein) and Dominik Fink (Curatorial Assistant Nassauischer Kunstverein)

In this guided tour we will present different artistic positions that explore the theme of space in various ways.

from 7 pm | Talk “Conquering space”

with artists Sandra Kranich, Jol Thomson, Sofi Żezmer, Tracer, Vytautas Jurevicius, Raphaela Vogel, Stefan Stark and Elke Gruhn (Director Nassauischer Kunstverein)

This discussion centers on artists whose works address the topic of space. With their installations, sculptures and performances the artists and explore diverse spatial concepts – media related, philosophical or indeed physical – as well as the interface between public and private/institutional space.
The talk will partially be held in english.

from 8.30 pm | Talk and concert “Where the music plays”

with artists Andrew de Freitas, Bernhard Schreiner, Ben Patterson, Anne Imhof, Kristallo (Jonathan Penca, Charlotte Simon and Zink Tonsur) Jessica Sehrt and Stefan Fricke (Hessischer Rundfunk)

With increasingly blurred lines between individual genres (a development that stems from the 1960s), come the formation of a close relationship between the visual arts and music. In the discussion/concert “Where the music is a®t” the attending artists talk about what role the use of music, be it art or Pop music, plays in contemporary artistic practice and discuss their personal relationship with the “time medium” of music.

from 10 pm | Fluxus Cocktails in BEN’S BAR with Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson's environment “BEN’S BAR” is only complete with its legendary cocktails. To round off the evening we will be serving a small sample, mixed by Fluxus pioneer Ben Patterson himself.

Free admission, Cocktails 3 €

Friday, March 6
Frankfurter Kunstverein

5 pm | Special Tour: Material

For some time now we have been able to observe that specifically for the young generation of artists, material is not just a means to end in order a work. Artists today explore the characteristics of materials and question, by using materials in diverse ways, their meaning in areas such as photography, painting or sculpture. A number of artists will be presented in the guided tour.

from 7 pm | Talk “On painting”
with artists Dorothee Diebold, Helga Schmidhuber, Jonas Weichsel and Gunther Reski (Prof. at HfG Offenbach)

Various forms of painting will be on display in the exhibition: large-format figurative oils, abstract monochrome images and paintings centering on digital techniques. A number of painting positions from the exhibition will be presented in the discussion with painter and Professor at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, Gunter Reski.

from 9 pm | Performance “Warum es ein Außen gibt” (Why we need an outside) by Kristallo (Jonathan Penca, Charlotte Simon, Zink Tonsur)

“The extraterrestrial super-organism called Kristallo, a utopian sphere created in 2012 by the artist collective of Jonathan Penca, Charlotte Simon and Zink Tonsur, has a firm place in an age when ideas of how we should live are constantly changing. Genderless entities lead an esoteric existence in this sphere.”

The performance “Kristallo – Warum es ein Außen braucht” (Why we need an outside, 2014) is a continuation of its story. It tells the tale of a reality in the dancing cosmos, emphasizing the importance of discovery and experience off-world. Here it becomes necessary to send astronauts into outer space on a mission to collecting information and experiences and feeding them into the collective network. This ensures the continued existence of Kristallo. The three spatially separated actors communicate purely by means of electronically generated sounds, musical instruments and sung texts. Their relationship with one another and with the astronauts living “outside” is symbiotic.

Free admission

Friday, April 17
Frankfurter Kunstverein

5 pm | “Special Tour: Cartographies”

This tour presents artists that explore cartography in a wider context. They concern themselves with representations of the world, the scales that can be used to measure the world and develop artistic designs to counter classic geography.

from 7 pm | “About performance”
Talk with artists Vytautas Jurevicius, Anne Imhof, Jonathan Penca (Kristallo), Markus Walenzyk and Fabian Schöneich (Curator Portikus)

This discussion focuses on the works of the performance artists participating in the exhibition and their respective working methods are detailed.

from 9 pm | Audiovisual DJ live set “Arbeiterlieder” (Workers' songs)
with Jessica Unversehrt (IVI resident) and Anne Euler

“Beats per Hour” is a newly conceived party series, which will premier in the Frankfurter Kunstverein on that night. Consisting of two parts, the first half “workers’songs“ will play technoid music that reflect the capitalistically induced work pace of todays society. The second half of the party series, “Straight from the Uterus“ will take place at an unoffical event location directly afterwards.

Free admission

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